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October 13, 2012
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Your name is Kurloz Makara, you're six years old and your best friend's name is Meulin Leijon.

You don't know how long you two have known each other for, but you know that she's your mother- er, monky flippin' best friend in the whole entire world

She's pretty too, she has really long brown hair like the princesses in the movies you watch at her house but with green hair clips scattered in it along with some strands of grass and leaves that fell in, and she has bright olive green coloured eyes. She's always wearing a girly black skirt that flies around her when she spins around and around in circles, and it's funny to watch her do that, unless she falls, that's not funny at all. Her laugh is really loud, too, not that you mind that much, but sometimes you wish you could laugh and yell like she does sometimes when you guys run around with your friends on the school yard, but it's really no use to even try, but you do sometimes but no real words come out of your mouth. For now you think you'll probably just continue to talk to her with the little sign language you do know and with lazily printed words written in her beat up note book where she draws amazing little stick figures of all of your other friends.

It's amazing. Her notebook, that is. It's filled with doodle after doodle of all of your friends, Latula, Mituna, Kankri, Porrim, the list goes on and on and you enjoy watching her draw and colour her many pictures. She takes forever to pick a crayon colour though, so you end up grabbing a random one and she scribbles in her drawings with it. She also draws cats. Her cats are cute. Really cute. Sometimes you help her, but your drawings aren't the best so you throw down the crayon in frustration and feel like you want to cry because you just ruined her good notebook with your yucky drawing. But she assures you your drawing is simply perfect, and she actually purrs like a cat when she says it and it causes you to silently giggle because hearing her purr is just a funny thing! You can hear the rumbling noise in her throat when she does it and you reach out your hand to feel but she giggles before you can feel the rumbles in her throat.

Her notebook also has little heart shapes between some certain people in your class and it's gross. But where she puts the little hearts is true! Like the heart between your friends Mituna and Latula, they totally like like each other but won't tell each other, which is what Meulin said. But girls have yucky cooties, so you see why Mituna hasn't held her hand or anything. Even Meulin has cooties, as hard as it may be to believe. All girls have cooties and there's no denying it. Meulin is cool, but that doesn't stop her from having them. Boys don't have cooties though. Nope. You don't have much to worry about with her cooties even if she does pounce at you and make you hug her before you leave her house or she leaves yours because she's your best friend and she wouldn't dare give you something as gross and bad as girl cooties. Her hugs seem to be some sort of good-bye thing, like she'll never see you again or something which is quite stupid because you two see each other almost every single day!

You met her first as this class for parents and their children for the speaking and hearing impared. She was born with really bad hearing and it sort of went out of control, and now she can't hear anything. You wonder what that would be like and it makes you frown. The world would suck with no sound, not being able to hear anything like music or other people's voices. You can't really imagine it, really, but you try but it's hard because you CAN hear everything around you. But at least you can still communicate with her and you guys still go to a normal school, but you still enjoy seeing her on Thursday night every week for the class. It's fun.

You don't think it matters all too much, though. As it's not like if she could hear she could hear you talk. When you were smaller you were in a car accident with your mom, your head swung forward and you ended up biting your tongue clean off. Not so clean, though. You think there was a chance of you bleeding to death, sort of like your mom, but the doctors saved you and now you just can't talk. They couldn't save your mommy though so she's gone now. Your dad was never the same after that, sort of distant, blaming you when he got really sad. He still cared though, he just has these states where he gets really upset and mad over it! That's usually when you go over to visit Meulin, or sometimes even Mituna.

Mituna is one of your other best friends. You're pretty sure you heard the teacher and his parents explain that he has autism, so he learns a bit slower than others. He acts a bit different than the other kids too, but you don't mind that much, he's still cool and one of your best friends. A lot of the other kids pick on him for being different and it makes you really upset because there's no need to be a big meanie to him for no reason! Cronus does that. He's a big meanie to Mituna even if he denies it when the teacher comes up. You try to stand up for him but it's pretty hard to do, and you're also trying to teach him sign language like you and Meulin are learning! But it's hard for him, English is even hard for him to learn, so you're taking it slow and hopefully he'll catch on eventually!

Your name is Kurloz Makara, and right now your best friend Meulin is knocking on your door.
im making a thing

chapter two should be out soon idk
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